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From fine and unique alpine crops to magical bottles full of harmony and mountain scents: this is the spell you will find within our selection of alcoholic beverages. From the transgressive Green Fairy to the legendary
Damassine DOP
, lagAlpi has selected for you a list of must-haves for those who love the alpine cuisine and … its strongest flavors!

Great classics produced strictly according to tradition are juxtaposed with imaginative, newly invented recipes, always keeping an eye on the quality of raw materials and the environmental sustainability Of the entire production process. Liqueurs from the most diverse tastes – and colors – will ensure liveliness to evenings in company, while a rich variety of distillates will lend itself to the most colorful tales that will tell its origin and myth. And if you are still undecided on what flavor to give your aperitifs and after-dinner drinks, in our shop you will find a careful selection of tasting sets capable of satisfying all tastes. Spirits that will bring to the table the authenticity and wholesomeness of the mountain air, as well as the valiant support for the many producers who, today, have decided not to give up pursuing quality, tradition, and the authenticity of the flavor of the Alps.