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Farina Bona

When a company has the name of the product it produces, there is (almost) always a reason. In the case of Farina Bona, the name is a guarantee for the simple fact that, thanks to this courageous company, a mythical ingredient of Ticino mountain cuisine has been rediscovered.

This is precisely bona flour, a traditional product of the Onsernone Valley obtained by grinding very finely the previously roasted corn grain. In the past it supplemented the diet of the Onsernonesi being daily accompanied with milk, water or wine, but its production was completely abandoned at the end of the 1960s.

If flour bona has returned to Ticino and Swiss kitchens today, it is thanks to Ilario Garbani Marcatini. In fact, following the restoration of the Loco mill by the Onsernonese Museum in 1991, Marcatini had the initiative, joined by the museum itself, to initiate research to unearth the history, as well as the flavor, of this traditional food.

A fascinating narrative emerged that takes us back to the days of Mrs. Nunzia of Vergeletto, a legendary miller who used to roast corn kernels as if they were roasted chestnuts. The result is a company credited with rediscovering a typical product with enormous versatility and unmistakable flavor.

With bona flour you can make delicious soups, omelets, cakes, cookies–and even ice cream that you won’t easily forget!

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