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Giglia Marrons Glacés & Chocolat

The story of Giglia marrons glacés et chocolatis one of fairytale proportions. Its founder Giuseppe Gigliahad to summon up all his courage and confidence in his talent in order to set out on the path that has made his little works of art, made of taste, famous over the years.

Giuseppe Giglia, born in Valenza del Po, moves to Lugano (CH) in 1912 following the political events that affect the Bel Paese. In the small town in Italian-speaking Switzerland, he founded the Universo café-gelateria, with the desire in his heart to carry on the pastry tradition that he had learned from his parents, particularly that of candidating. So, a few years later, he rented two cramped premises in the back room of the ice-cream parlour: in one he set up a boiler to bake the browns, in the other a small stove to candy them. Thus began the adventure of Giglia’s marrons glacés, a confection that today boasts a loyal following throughout Europe.

In 1920, conscious of the quality of his products but also aware of the difficulty of the enterprise, Giuseppe Giglia left for the Swiss Fair of Basel with three jars of marrons glacés in his suitcase. During the train trip, one of the three jars broke and it was with great shyness and humility that, upon arriving at the Fair, he set up his banquet with only two remaining jars. His tenacity rewards him: he wins the gold medal.

Thrilled by this first victory, Giuseppe Giglia continued his enterprise, obtaining over the years numerous awards in fairs all over Europe and in the United States. When he died in 1958, the workshop passed into the hands of his daughter Mariuccia Giglia, who, with great passion and love for tradition, has carried it through to the present day.

Since 1921, the Giglia company has been reproposing the ancient recipes handed down from its founder. All its products are handcrafted with great care for detail and attention to every single step of the production process. A philosophy that lagAlpi cannot but appreciate and that it intends to propose with a careful selection of Giglia products.

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