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Manifattura Branchi

The nos, walnut in Ticino dialect, has contributed, together with her tree, to the creation of a series of legends.

First of all that of the night of San Giovanni. On June 24, the shortest night of the year, witches were thought to gather under the walnut tree for their rituals. That was the starting point for the tradition to which the walnuts used in the production of nocino, had to be harvested by barefoot women on the exact night of San Giovanni. And that’s exactly how the NOOS nocino is made.

Hand-cut, the walnuts are then marinated in the best Ticino grappa together with a mix of spices and Swiss sugar, then exposed into bd weather for 40 nights of maceration. Bottling also takes place at night. And so, just as in that past laden with superstition and magic, NOOS manages to capture the mystical energy of the night.

Normally, the Ticino nocino is served at room temperature after meals, as a digestive, perhaps accompanied by coffee or dessert. The smooth and icy NOOS, however, is also a nice refreshment.

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