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Mieli Thun

Mieli Thun is an agricultural company but not only that. It is a futuristic project that, through honey, expresses a very precise poetics and philosophy, which wants to propose a new idea of food, connected with ethical, environmental, social, and quality of life values.

Andrea Paternoster inherits from his grandfather his first and last name and an endless love for honey and beekeeping. Over the years, he adds enthusiasm, passion and innovation that push him toward the goal of having honey recognized as a noble food. His work requires continuous research, an incessant probing of the thousand territories to which honey can lead. First of all, that of nomadism. Mieli Thun is in fact anomadic beekeeping operation that, respecting the life cycle of bees, moves hives to at least sixty different locations each year, all of them Italian. The aim is to find the best floral expression for each plant: each flower develops better in certain territories and periods, depending on climatic and geological conditions, and Mieli Thun has the task of positioning the bees precisely where, at that moment, there is the most delicious nectar. The result is a monofloral honey that releases pure aroma.

A passionate experimenter and incurable curiosity seeker, Andrea Paternoster has gone so far as to think up a manifesto for futurist honeys, to write heartfelt and beautiful words to welcome the taster, and even to create a myelicromy, table where everyone, for each type of honey, can learn more about its history, curiosities, organoleptic notes, ideas and uses in the kitchen, botanical information and much more. In short, Mieli Thun has created a veritable identity card for each honey, proving the deep passion and rigorous knowledge that drives this dynamic and innovative company.

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