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Moulin de Severy

Located along the river in Morges, Canton Vaud, Moulin de Severy is an institution for lovers of traditional flavors. To date, Moulin de Severy is the last mill in Switzerland to operate a year-round artisanal operation. From the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries, it preserved its tradition by paying attention to every detail, giving life to the authentic flavor of oils whose pressing techniques have remained almost unchanged over the course of eight centuries.

Its 14 natural artisanal oils-includingwalnut oil,hazelnut oil, andcanola oil-are a powerhouse. Light, highly digestible, revitalizing, and rich in aroma, they are excellent kitchen allies.

Cold pressing, a true specialty of Moulin de Severy, is accomplished through a metal base inside which an Archimedes screw compresses the dried fruit or oily seed. At the end of the screw, a mold provides the necessary pressure for the oil to separate from the dry matter. The oil collected from the first pressing is filtered through fabric panels.

But not only oils. Moulin de Severy also offers a rich variety of vinegars and mustards. From the red-hot raspberry vinegar to sweet raisin mustard and classic apple cider vinegar and fig mustard, it is these surprisingly tasty ingredients that can amaze even the most discerning palates.

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