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Riso Buono

In addition to its organoleptic and nutritional qualities, the rice produced in Casalbeltrame (NO), on the La Mondina estate owned by the Luigi Guidobono Cavalchini family, has on its side a rich and long-standing tradition. We take you back to the end of the seventeenth century when the noble Guatieri family leaves the county of Nice and comes to settle in Novara where, over time, it introduces important innovations in the forms of rice cultivation and irrigation methods.

The history of Riso Buono begins here, but it is only the continuous will to improve and renew that has ensured that the ancient tradition of this rice has come down to the present day through hereditary successions to the Marquises Cuttica di Cassine and, currently, to the Barons Guidobono Cavalchini. Sacrifices of generations, attachment to the territory and love for nature are the main ingredients of a product that aims at absolute quality and addresses the refined taste of a hyper demanding clientele.

From Carnaroli rice aged for a year to Artemide rice flour, Riso Buono’s products strive for excellence in a field that is anything but obvious, succeeding excellently in its attempt to ennoble one of the main ingredients of Alpine cuisine.

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