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It all started in a garage in Tyrol and now it is a distillery with very high-quality standards now managed by the second generation. It is the dream realized by Günter Rochelt, the founder of what to this day is considered the non plus ultras of distilleries, whose modest – yet concrete! – goal remains one and only one: to create the best schnapps possible.

To do so, Rochelt cuts no corners. The quantities produced depend solely on the quality of the harvest, and if it does not meet expectations, the Rochelt family has no qualms about giving it up. Tasting excellence and harvest quality go hand in hand, which is why, while there is no guarantee of vintage or quantity, there is the solemn promise of ever higher quality.

From the scrupulous selection of the fruit to the careful maturation of the brandy, Rochelt spares no attention to detail, going so far as to crown the queen of brandies with a stopper handcrafted by a master goldsmith in Karlsruhe.

And if the Rochelt family likes to compare their work to that of the alchemists, it is no coincidence. Their distillates, secured in precious bottles like magic filters, are able to exhale aroma before, during and after the tasting, decanting in the memory as only the best works of art (or magic!) can do.

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