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Goldy Rose, and it instantly feels like spring

Take a warm spring afternoon,the air full of floral notes carried by the wind, the chirping of birds enjoying the last sun … and add the Goldy Rose: you won’t want to be anywhere else in the world!

Because of the sweet notes of honey, the bite of vodka, the intense flavor of lemon, a cascade of flower petals are added, making the glass a tribute to the most beautiful of the seasons, spring!

The ingredients selected for you by lagAlpi for this recipe are three. First of all, the Swiss Premium Vodka by The Alpinist, will make your cocktail as fresh as the pristine peaks of Jüngfrau, from where the water with which the queen of all vodkas is produced comes.

The sweet notes are given by honey, and in our shop, thanks to the beekeeping company Mario Bianco and Mieli Thun, you only have the trouble of choosing. We personally choose the Bosco di Mieli of Thun honey for its spicy notes, reminiscent of licorice, apricot, and fig. Of course, it goes without saying that if you love more traditional flavors, you can turn to a classic Acacia honey, very sweet, or the Alpine Millefiori. Unleash your imagination!

Finally, to decorate your Goldy Rose in spring, use the mixture of flowers with Calendula, Cornflower, and Sunflower of Erbe Ticino, organically grown in the Canton of Ticino. The colors and floral notes of this mix will be the proper homage to spring!

All that remains is to enjoy a beautiful alpine panorama with the best company!


Crushed ice
45 ml Swiss Premium Vodka by The Alpinist
25 ml Miele di Bosco by Mieli Thun
25 ml Lemon juice
A cascade of petals mixture of flowers with Calendula, Cornflower, and Sunflower by Erbe Ticino


Fill a highball glass with crushed ice. Add the Swiss Premium Vodka, the forest honey, and the lemon juice. Top with soda. Decorate with petals of the Erbe Ticino blend.