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Black garlic hummus

“Black garlic hummus” is a variation of the classic hummus enriched with black garlic. It is obtained by combining chickpeas with black garlic made using only Polesano DOP garlic. Black garlic is obtained through a natural process of maturation and fermentation lasting over 40 days at controlled temperature and humidity, giving the garlic a sweeter and slightly acidic taste and a very soft texture.

It is a delicious and innovative option for those who love to experiment with new flavors and ingredients.

The benefits of black garlic are truly remarkable; it is considered a superfood for its higher concentration of antioxidants compared to white garlic, almost double according to some studies. In addition, black garlic contains double the concentration of calcium and protein.

Black Garlic Hummus can be easily used on crostini and toast points; it is a ready-to-use food that can also serve as a accompaniment for more elaborate dishes based on meat or fish.

Format: 130gr

Ingredients: chickpeas 47%, olive oil, black garlic 9.9%, sea salt, acidity regulator: lactic acid.


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