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Strawberry Jam – FRAGULA – 335gr

Made from sun-ripened, aromatic strawberries. The Senga Sengana variety cultivated and used by Alpe Pragas is medium early ripening with medium sized, dark red fruits and was bred around 1950 by Reinhold von Sengbusch. Strawberries contain so much vitamin C that 150g of it cover the daily requirement. They contain more vitamin C than oranges or lemons and are by far the most manganese-containing fruit. They are also rich in folic acid, calcium, magnesium and iron

To be kept in the refrigerator after opening and enjoyed within 2 weeks

Format: 335gr

Ingredients: Strawberries (75%), sugar, lemon juice, gelling agent: pectin (from apple). VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE


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