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Alpe Magna

All the goodness and authenticity of the Trentino cuisine enclosed in comfortable jars of preserves: this is the idea behind Alpe Magna, born from the long experience of its founder Mario Simonetto and the foresight of his two sons Andrea and Davide.Symbol of a tradition that is not afraid to confront modernity, Alpe Magna combines the ancient gastronomic wisdom of Trentino and Italy with the latest preservation techniques, strictly without additives.

The careful selection of noble ingredients at km0; the slow preparation, by hand, of the preserves; the attention to a practical and at the same time-elegant packaging make Alpe Magna preserves real gourmet goodies.

Carefully selected meats and cold cuts are processed directly in the Alpe Magna laboratories, and for the recipes we have chosen to use only Italian extra virgin olive oil, Trentino wines and freshly cooked vegetables. The result is a selection of preserves: Purezze (single-meat recipes), Armonie (with ingredients blended to create unforgettable flavors), Memorie italiane (a selection of the culinary art of the Bel Paese) and Memorie alpine, born from the desire to rediscover the rich culinary tradition of Trentino with exciting new flavors.

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