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Alpe Pragas

Alpe Pragas, born and aromonically grown in the heart of the Dolomites, has a mission: to eliminate Co2 emissions by 2027. It is a dream, before a mission, that Alpe Pragas founder Stefan Gruber had in mind from the very beginning. In his words, in fact, “It is our responsibility to treat with respect the resources that have been given to us, such as water, energy, air and soil, in order to preserve the world as it is, for future generations.”

Becoming a carbon-neutral company is certainly not a goal that can be achieved overnight, and Alpe Pragas is aware of this. That is why he has been actively committed, since day one, to making small gestures that can make a long-term difference.

Jams, jellies, mustards and syrups are the result of work with the primary value of respecting the environment and obtaining a finished product of absolute quality. The fruit, which is given as much time as necessary to ripen properly, is carefully selected, picked and washed completely by hand.

Alpe Pragas also firmly believes in the importance of the passion of the people who work within the company, and is therefore very proud of its fruit experts, who work with great zeal side by side, keeping quality and precision under control at all times.

The final product can only testify to so much commitment. Syrups, jams, mustards and kindred give the palate a unique and completely natural sensory experience, without the aid of artificial additives, flavorings, preservatives or coloring agents.

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