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Swiss Mountain Essence


It is not grapes, as is normally used for balsamic vinegar, but apples and pears from eastern Switzerland that are used to produce “Swiss Mountain Essence.” The fruits are grown on old, tall trees. In addition to their pleasant acidity, one appreciates their particular intense flavour and decidedly innovative and unique taste. The cider is carefully prepared from these fruits using traditional processes, without the addition of colorants, flavorings or preservatives, then decanted into oak barrels, sealed and prepared for storage.

The natural maturation process in French barrels begins with their transport from the valley to the Jungfraujoch, located at an altitude of 3,400 m in the Bernese Alps. In a natural tunnel in the heart of the mountain, the golden essence develops its complex and diverse flavors aided by the low-oxygen altitude atmosphere and constant temperature control. Surrounded by thousand-year-old rocks and a few mountain crystals, Swiss Mountain Essence matures and refines in the heart of the Swiss Alps for 18 months, before being offered at the height of its flavours and aromas.

The exquisite aromas originate and develop at 3454 metres above sea level
Conditions are ideal year-round here in the heart of the Jungfraujoch and the world’s highest balsamic factory. The low-oxygen Alpine climate allows this coveted, all-natural luxury food product to ripen to perfection, becoming more concentrated, viscous and full-bodied every day.

Aged for at least 10 years, our 3454 Beyond Balsamic has time to reach its full aromatic potential. It owes its powerful character to premium Swiss apples, which we harvest at peak ripeness and process using traditional methods. The delicate blend is stored in French oak barrels. The curing process is under constant control, guaranteeing the highest quality.

3454 Mountain Essence and then the ‘mother’ base that will be combined with various varieties of fruit from Swiss organic farms, carefully researched and ripened to perfection, thus declining this unique and delicious product with the distinct flavours and aromas of the best Alpine fruit. Be it apple, apricot, pear, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, cherry, quince or plum: these natural balsamics are the first choice of gourmets and award-winning chefs. Fruity balsamics of the highest quality.

Each of the nine varieties is made from tasty, perfectly ripened Swiss fruit, seasoned with 5% of the refined 3454 Beyond Balsamic.

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