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Apicoltura Cassolato Eddy

After graduating as an agricultural expert, he started working in the livestock sector. In 2002, he became a mountaineer in the Upper Leventina Valley. During the years he spent in the alpine pastures and as a worker on a number of farms, he began to approach the world of beekeeping by purchasing his first beehive, which he placed on his terrace at home in Airolo. The first year production was very limited but the product was exquisite.

His passion for bees has grown, and so has his skill and professionalism in the field. Three years ago he decided to leave everything behind to take up the professional activity of beekeeper, accepting the risk and challenge involved, convinced that the honey his bees would produce in the Upper Leventina Valley and in Ticino would be excellent.

For the production of his honey, Eddy Cassolato uses dandelion, rhododendron, chestnut and linden, all flowers that give his honey high quality characteristics for a totally natural and genuine product.

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