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Christoffel Rötali GmbH

Small, cozy, familiar: visiting the Christoffel Rötali winery is like being greeted by a relative you haven’t seen in a long time. So much so that Christoffel Rötali calls her clients “friends.” And it is not an unique case. Rötali Graubünden cherry liqueur, found in the beliefs of half of Graubünden, is the fruit of the love story of the Rötali great-grandparents.

According to the story, it was the Walser women and their unmarried daughters who made the Graubünden liqueur. The Rötali was served on New Year’s Day, when the neighbors brought their wishes for the farm and the harvest. Through Nani Frida, the recipe passed to René, and began to be handed down, on a half-crumpled note, from father to son, up to Patrick.

Since then, Rötali has also been a love filter and the beginning of many other love stories.

Today, transcribed, digitized and carefully preserved, that recipe gives life to a cherry liqueur that is the pride of Davos and the Grisons, an intense red liqueur like the passion from which it was born.

Very spicy and sweetly fruity, Christoffel Rötali is like an autumn afternoon in the mountains. A quality and an absolutely unique product, handmade by carefully selecting only Swiss raw materials.

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