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o2Vie Distillerie

It is with immense pleasure that lagAlpi introduces you to this young distillery moved by great passion for tradition and confidence in its ability to keep up with modernity. His distillates are the result of the friendship of two young people who believed in the resources of the land where they were born-Sierre, in the canton of Valais.

Here, surrounded by vineyards and orchards, the two founders of o2Vie grew up in the aroma of a generous nature, convinced that they had to follow its teachings. Thus, after a long study and experimentation that allowed them to refine technique and taste, in 2020 the quantum leap: the purchase of a column still, with which they began to independently distill the flavors of their land.

The products of o2Vie are mainly oriented towards local fruits: the Luiset apricot, the William pear and the Fellenberg plum play an important role in the production, resulting in vigorous distillates that encapsulate all the flavor of the Valais meadows. But o2Vie is also about experimentation and imagination, and is easily seduced by good flavors, first and foremost that of the legendary Genepì, from which an elegant and balanced Gin is made.

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