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Riso Gli Aironi

In the middle of the Vercelli grange, in an area occupied by rice fields and bodies of water, and recognized by the European Community as the only and vast wetland still intact in Europe, stands the GliAironi farm, which owes its name precisely to that grey heron threatened by intensive farming. Here, where for centuries the Cistercian monks have wisely carried on the tradition of rice, the Perinotti family has been able to bet on its commitment to a kinder and more respectful cultivation of the territory, reversing the dangerous trend that made rice fields places of intensive cultivation, where native species risked extinction due to the extensive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Investing in quality, experimenting, and adopting crops with reduced environmental impact and rediscovering the most traditional and valuable varieties of rice are the goals that have made gliAironi one of the most sought-after companies in the kitchens of chefs around the world, including the famous Jamie Oliver.

LagAlpi’s selection includes not only Carnaroli rice, whose slow processing ensures the preservation of the most important nutrients, but also delicious products to be discovered such as puffed flavored rice, which excellently lends itself as a light snack or magical ingredient for desserts. A must-try!

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