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Specializing in the cultivation and production of preparations based on aromatic herbs, the company Rostal Herbes Aromatiques Grand-St-Bernard was founded in Valais in 1995 on the basis of twelve recipes conceived and developed since the 1970s. Over the years, Rostal has diversified its range by launching a range of six organic herbal teas and, in 2003, the legendary Genepì liqueur, made from its aromatic herb.

Very well known in Valais, its native land, Genepì has an important reputation to defend. From the mythical aphrodisiac qualities (a proverb says “qu’il fait du bien à madame quand monsieur le boit”) and from the much more tangible digestive virtues, Genepì is by no means a simple distillate to find and above all to produce. The plant from which it is derived-protected throughout Switzerland-is low yielding, and to this day there are no varieties that can guarantee a consistent yield. All this did not deter Gaston Haenni (the founder of the company and father of the current owner Fabrice) who threw himself into this adventure, becoming partly responsible for the recent rediscovery of this mythical distillate. And not only has Genepì made itself known to the new generations, but it has also secured the prestigious Prix d’innovation agricole Suisse, award, proving the greatness of a company capable of betting on a 100% alpine product.

Rostal’s herbs are certified by a number of important Bio labels, such as BioSuisse and MigrosBio, which is no small feat when you consider the difficult task they have undertaken. But as is often the case with the producers selected by LagAlpi, Rostal is driven by imagination and courage, two essential qualities for those who want to turn a passion into a real job.

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