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The real Dry Martini….homemade

If you love the Martini, this experiment is a must: try to do it yourself. It’s really simple and fast; the only secret is to select the ingredients with extra care and follow the glass cooling procedure. Not everyone knows that to prepare the Martini, the only thing needed is to “stain” the gin with […]

Fresh, cooling, and scented. The Geppetto cocktail!

It is known that on hot summer days, which are now starting to crowd our last weeks, there is nothing better than retreating to a verdant mountain hut, between the breeze that descends lightly from the peaks and the distant ringing of some goat. Not always, however, all this is possible, and we often find […]

Time for strawberries, time for Caipiroska!

In this period, when baskets of succulent red strawberries pop up everywhere, it is challenging to resist the temptation to taste them in the guise of one of the freshest and most loved cocktail ever. The Caipiroska is, in fact, a pleasure for the eyes and the palate. Fresh, sweet, very tasty, it is perfect […]

Simplicity and goodness, the Stinger cocktail

We are proposing an old-style cocktail old-style made from only two ingredients: brandy and mint cream. It was trendy in the first half of the last century. Today, it’s – wrongly – forgotten. It is an effortless blend of flavors, which marry perfectly. The result is very versatile: excellent to be enjoyed after dinner. It […]

The Alpine aperitivo par excellence? The Hugo!

Although the concept of aperitivo is of purely urban matter, it is legitimate to ask oneself, during a stay in a beautiful alpine hut, which is the right drink to sip at 2 thousand meters above sea level. Well, we have the answer. If you don’t want your aperitif to be an eyesore in the […]

The Booby cocktail, for a sophisticated aperitivo

If you are planning a dinner with sophisticated friends and colleagues, whom you would like to pamper especially, let them try today’s cocktail and you will have a guaranteed success. The Booby cocktail is, in fact, light but rich in harmonious notes, ranging from grappa, to orange, to lavender and rose water. It is not […]

Goldy Rose, and it instantly feels like spring

Take a warm spring afternoon,the air full of floral notes carried by the wind, the chirping of birds enjoying the last sun … and add the Goldy Rose: you won’t want to be anywhere else in the world! Because of the sweet notes of honey, the bite of vodka, the intense flavor of lemon, a […]

Amaro Mule, from Moscow to the Alps

Those who follow us will know by now that at lagAlpi, we love tradition but not banalities. And so, once again, we want to offer you a classic drink in a decidedly more aromatic and … alpine version. We are talking about the Amaro Mule a version with amaro of the famous Moscow Mule. We […]

Monkey Gland with Gin Genepì and Blueu Absinthe

Do you already know the Monkey Gland cocktail? Although not very well known, it is delicious and balanced. It is part of the IBA cocktails or the cocktails selected by the International Bartenders Association for the annual World Cocktail Competition. It means “monkey gland”. Yes, you read that right, and there is a very curious […]

(Mountains) Holiday Mule, the days get longer!

Dear readers, I recommend, this Sunday remember to move the clock forward for an hour! Sunday 28 March, at 2 am, it returns to summertime, and for some countries, it seems to be the last time. In fact, in 2018, Europe had requested to standardize the timetable at the EU level, with the approval of […]