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The Nocino, and the fame you didn’t expect

The lagAlpi shop hosts various drinks with an important reputation. Absinthe, Damassine, Genepì, are all illustrious guests of the fervent alpine imagination, which certainly does not lack imagination. If naming these drinks immediately recalls the history they carry, the association isn’t so immediate when it comes to the Nocino. Yet, this historic liqueur has a […]

CimaNorma, a Ticino fairytale that never ceases to enchant

It all started next to a waterfall, whose water, throwing itself from the mountain, produced energy. It was the beginning of the twentieth century, and between Torre and  Dangio, a brewery was coming to life in the Blenio Valley, Canton Ticino.  Times were difficult in the Blenio Valley. The not so generous land did not give enough fruit […]

Fruit vinegar, how and why to use it

With the arrival of the heat, it is difficult to find a better dish than a nice salad with seasonal vegetables and fruit. Fresh and nutritious, it is both healthy and meets the taste of almost everyone. To make your salads even tastier, today we want to talk to you about fruit vinegar. Yes, of […]

Absinthe, between myth and reality

His fame precedes him. Absinthe, absinthe in French and green fairy in myth, is rightly one of the most celebrated, famous and controversial alcoholic beverages in history. But what is absinthe? And why has it been banned for a long time, accused of causing disastrous side effects, like a hard drug? Let’s find out together. […]

Genepì, the liquor “able to make a bomb digest”

Word of De Amicis, who in 1883 wrote about it in his “Alle Porte di Italia.” Genepì has immense fame and has been known since ancient times for its numerous properties, from anti-inflammatory to … aphrodisiac There are few plants with such a cumbersome reputation. Nevertheless, a myriad of properties has been attributed to that […]

How to travel through flavors

At a time when travel seems like just a distant (and beautiful) memory, the fastest way to get around the world is to eat. Here are some ideas on how to take a journey through taste. Look at holidays pictures and dreaming of the next one: so bittersweet! Unfortunately, the Covid pandemic has made it […]

Damassine, the mythical “fiery water” of the Canton of Jura

Produced from damasson rouge, a small one red plum discovered in the East, the Damassine PDO it’s a distillate typical of Canton of Jura realized according to the strictest quality standards. But in addition to the label, Damassine is embellished with the mysterious legend which tells of his arrival in Europe. Imagine a small red […]