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Cidrerie du Vulcain

Produced from 100 percent organic fruit harvested in the canton of Fribourg, Switzerland, Cidrerie du Vulcain ‘s cider is the result of a very specific and focused philosophy of land conservation and environmental sustainability. Jacques Perritaz takes his “gentle” approach to production to heart, so much so that if he’s not buying fruit from trusted local producers, he does the picking himself.

Apples, pears and quinces, stricly unprocessed, are carefully selected, favoring those of old varieties that grow on high stalks. The Freiburg region, with its cool climate and rich soil, allows for a rich expression of aromas, all the more so on old, tall trees. An approach, that of the Cidrerie du Vulcain, that helps to enhance old orchards currently neglected due to the lack of outlets in the cider and table fruit market, and makes its own contribution in the protection of a rich and diverse traditional landscape that is essential for biodiversity. It is no coincidence that the SLF (Swiss Landscape Fund) supports this approach.

The company’s flagship product is undoubtedly its sparkling cider partially fermented using the “guillage” technique. Ciders are of different vintages depending on the varieties available and feature “pure juice,” fermented on their wild yeasts and coarsely filtered.

But lagAlpi has also selected other tasty products for you, starting with the Botsi de Glace , a partially fermented juice from a rare species of clustered pear that grows only in a few meadows in central Switzerland. An authentic rarity that sums up the effort of Cidrerie du Vulcain to distinguish itself with a proposal that aims at excellence.

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