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A magical and special beer

It is said that long ago there lived in Val Veddasca a wise and enigmatic witch named Valdasca. It resided on the highest peak, towering over the villages and surrounding beauty. Valdasca was known for her deep understanding of nature’s secrets and her ability to harness the power of the mountains. One beautiful summer day, […]

St. John’s Night

We are approaching the night of St. John’s Day, which falls between June 23 and 24, the magical night to begin the preparation of Nocino. According to ancient Italic tradition, nocino should be prepared by an experienced woman. She should climb barefoot on the walnut tree during the night of St. John’s Day and pick […]

The Nocino, and the fame you didn’t expect

The lagAlpi shop hosts various drinks with an important reputation. Absinthe, Damassine, Genepì, are all illustrious guests of the fervent alpine imagination, which certainly does not lack imagination. If naming these drinks immediately recalls the history they carry, the association isn’t so immediate when it comes to the Nocino. Yet, this historic liqueur has a […]

Absinthe, between myth and reality

His fame precedes him. Absinthe, absinthe in French and green fairy in myth, is rightly one of the most celebrated, famous and controversial alcoholic beverages in history. But what is absinthe? And why has it been banned for a long time, accused of causing disastrous side effects, like a hard drug? Let’s find out together. […]

Apple Tart with Cornelian Cherries, pretty and tasty

The Cornel, unjustly forgotten Among the many fruits unjustly forgotten by our fast-paced society, there is also one whose renunciation involves losing a precious source of essential nutrients, including, vitamin C. We are talking about the cornelian, fruit of the Dogwood Tree, which stains the edge of many of our woods with the red of […]

Honey, the nectar of gods and humans

There is perhaps no food as emblematic as the honey, in the vast world of culinary culture, whose proverbial sweetness has filled pages and pages of literature, popular knowledge, and mythology. Yes, because the relationship of honey with man is lost in the mists of time, and the complexity of organoleptic qualities, the richness of […]

Genepì, the liquor “able to make a bomb digest”

Word of De Amicis, who in 1883 wrote about it in his “Alle Porte di Italia.” Genepì has immense fame and has been known since ancient times for its numerous properties, from anti-inflammatory to … aphrodisiac There are few plants with such a cumbersome reputation. Nevertheless, a myriad of properties has been attributed to that […]

Legends and delights of the Sorbo

The Sorbo of the birders is a graceful tree with long leaves and very red berries, which in the Italian-speaking regions almost always takes the name of Sorbo, followed by the variant “of hunters” or “of the fowlers”. Its red fruit in clusters is favored by many bird species, which were captured by hunters using […]

Walnut oil, a great classic at risk of extinction

The history of walnuts and their best-known derivative – walnut oil – has ancient roots. Its benefits have been known since the 7th century B. C., and in more recent times it has been a cheaper substitute for butter throughout the foothills. Today, however, its consumption is increasingly a niche market, so much so that […]

he Corniolo, when clothes do not make the man

For the contemporary walker, the Corniolo is a pretty little tree found in the glades of the pre-Alps.. It is well known for its sweet and sour berries, a source of antioxidants used to make delicious liqueurs.. Yet, the Corniolo is “complicit” in one of the least cheerful tales in Western history. The Corniolo tree, […]